X-Hard windon leader


Momoi high quality leader from the worlds leading monofilament manufacturer
High quality wind-on leader from the world’s leading monofilament manufacturer

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Momoi’s high strength Monofilament and Flurocarbon combined with low stretch Dyneema creates the strongest, most dependable wind-on leader in the world. High tensile and knot strength, high abrasion resistance and an ideal stretch to strength ratio. Plus consistent diameters and superior strength, making Hi-Catch the choice of fishermen the world over. Momoi’s Wind-on leaders are attached with a loop to loop connection to your fishing line. The Wind-on system improves bait presentation, eliminates the need for conventional long leaders and provides safer handling and releasing of the fish at the boat.

25 Ft, 220lb, 1.45mm

25 Ft, 300lb, 1.80mm

25 Ft, 400lb, 2.0mm

25 Ft, 530lb, 2.0mm



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