Medusa 9.5


The bullet like shape and cup face tip of the Medusa 9.5 makes for awesome action for a small lure.

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Bullet Shaped Hybrid – Total Length 9.5”

Head weight of this lure is 105 grams and can combat rougher waters no problem. As with all other Poseidon heads, there is no blow out on the troll.

The bullet like shape and cup face tip makes for awesome action for a small lure.

Every model is full UV and brass tubed out so there is no friction to deform the leaders.

Materials – Semi soft resin, Abalone shell internal

Lure balance – Weighted

Additives – UV enhancer

Recommended leader – 200- 300lb

Recommended hooks – 7/0 Twin hook shackle rig, wire., 8/0 Single semi stiff rig, wire., 8/0 Single, twist back and crimped leader rig. 300lb leader preferred

Recommended positions – Long rigger, medium rigger or long corner

Lure action – Prey drive high. A straight track with perfect cycle time and an aggressive smoke trail.

Sea conditions – Calm to rough

Standard Colours

  • Blue & Clear- Firetail
  • Blue & Green Clear- Mahi Mahi Glow
  • Purple & Amber Clear- Black & Purple
  • Purple Clear- Black, Purple and Silver
  • Pink & Blue Clear- Bleeding Mackerel Pink
  • Blue & Clear- Bluemo
  • Red & Clear- Anchovie Glow

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