Kraken Snub


One of Poseidon’s premier lures, Kraken Snub is keel weighted with a long head profile with gorgeous abalone shell and resin multi pours

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The long-headed profile weighs around the 150-gram mark

Keel weighted and belly proud it has a nice fan effect while trolling.  It has an aggressive shake and cycle

Materials – semi soft resin multi pour 

Premium Abalone Shell (highly reflective top and bottom)

Total length – 14.5 inch can be docked shortened

Additives – UV enhancer

Recommended leader – 300lb-350 lb

Recommended hooks – 9/0 7691s twin shackle rig in the  Tropics for big wahoo hunting , 10/0 or 9/0 semi stiff rig for Blue marlin

Recommended positions – Long corner, long rigger.

Lure Action – It is a longer profile with an aggressive head shake and slippery pulse with the supple skirts. Great smoke trail with a nice fan effect. light reflection is great

Sea conditions – calm to rough

Troll speed – 8.5 to 14 knots , Our preferred 9 knots

Standard Colours

  • Blue/ Green (Bluemo over neon skirt)
  • Blue/ White (Blue Ghost skirt)
  • Red  (Evil over rainbow skirt)
  • Red/ Pink (Tropical Toucan rainbow skirt)
  • Blue (Bluemo over Blue white skirt)
  • Green/ White (Green Ghost skirt)
  • Black/ Amber (Mumba skirt)
  • Blue/ Pink (Bleeding Mackerel skirt)
  • Black/ Purple (metallic purple skirt)

Target Species


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