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JigStar rods are renowned for their quailty and performance.

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The Jigstar Twisted Sista is an “Acid Rod” – or in conventional speak, the guides are spiral wrapped around the blank. Spiral rod designs are nothing new. This concept dates back decades and was developed to overcome blank twist associated with conventional overhead rods when under load. When first seen publicly, it was said that the rod designer must have been tripping out on “acid” (LSD) so the name has stuck to this rod concept.

All rod blanks exhibit a “spine” due to the layering process of material, where the blank seems stronger when bent in one direction and weaker in the opposite direction. Often rod factories fail to align guides exactly on the spine which should bend easiest when the rod is naturally bent as if fishing.  A rod spine is often narrow, more like a knife edge. On an overhead rod, the guides should be mounted exactly on that knife edge.  If not, then under load, the rod blank can easily rotate or twist causing itself irreparable damage.

Spin rods do not exhibit this because the load pulls on the rod from beneath.  The weight of a spinning reel mounted beneath will always ensure the rod is aligned square to the load or direction of pull.
The Acid rod uses the best of both Overhead and Spin designs and extracts the most performance from a given blank.

The Twisted Sista has a NANO blank made with High Performance Graphite from Toray of Japan. The reel seat is Fuji PSS or PLS while the guides Fuji KWAG. The design using 8 guides over a short 5’ rod ensures the expected heavy load is evenly and efficiently transferred to the blank.   The spiralling guide positions ensure a quick line transition occurring at the power end of the blank while the smooth line flow under heavy load is proof of the guide layout.

The new Twisted Sista has seen countless hours on the testing grounds of the 3 Kings and Ranfurly Banks. The Twisted Sista offers an affordable Acid rod to purveyors of high performance jigging rods.

Bend the Twisted Sista to its’ max and all will become evident.



  • Innovative ACID model with NANO materials
  • Twisted guides draws the advantage of both overhead and spinning rods
  • Remarkable power and resilience
  • Made with highest quality Toray carbon
  • Fast parabolic curve
  • Lightweight yet very powerful
  • Fuji PSS, PLS palming reel seats
  • Silicone Carbide K guides and gunsmoke frames
  • Custom cosmetics, Pearl and Natural finish
  • Rubber gimbal butt


  • Jigstar Twisted Sista 50B L (Length, 5’0″, Line PE 2-5, Lure 100-300g)
  • Jigstar Twisted Sista 50BM L (Length, 5’0″, Line PE 3-6, Lure 150-400g)
  • Jigstar Twisted Sista 50BM H (Length, 5’0″, Line PE 4-8, Lure 200-500g)


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