Brass Betty


Metal faced pusher with small jet flutes on the outside of head and through the head.

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This little model is outstanding. a metal faced pusher with small jet flutes outside of head and through head.

Yellow mullet eyes and chromed exterior make it visible even through a little white water

The back of head is hollow allowing the crimp of leader to be hidden inside allowing a little extra protection against bite off.

Chrome works best with good sun.

Trolling speeds best at 8.5 to 9.5 but can handle 14.5 knots and full wire platforms.

Head weight -59 grams

Materials – Chrome Brass

Total length – 7.5 inch

Lure balance – weighted

Additives – UV Enhancer

Recommended leader – 150 – 200lb leader – 150 piano wire for higher speed trolling

Recommended hooks – 7/0 7691 semi stiff rig

Recommended positions – long rigger – long corner  – shot gun

Lure action – swims exactly like a resin head cup face pusher.   Cycles beautifully and sets a solid smoke trail on the surface. Great action for lighter sportfishing outfits.

Sea conditions – calm to rough

Troll speed – 8.5 – 14 knots

Standard Colours

  • Anchovy glow
  • Purple silver
  • Black purple
  • Mahi Mahi glow
  • Bluemo
  • Bleeding mackerel pink

Target Species


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