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Innovative anchor that is snag-free – the only anchor you will need (for boats 3-9m)

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The worlds most advanced sports & recreation anchor for boats from 3m to 9m.




A superior practical anchor with excellent holding capabilities in reef, shale, sand and mud. There is no need to change anchors for varying sea beds during the day.

This exclusive design is light and user friendly, plus, its hold and release rate exceeds all other anchors.  Made from premium quality, investment cast 316 Stainless Steel, it has an unrivalled patent pending safety release mechanism. Battle tested by fishermen for 14 years, the safety pin release has been proven to hold aggressively and release safely. The shear pins have been subjected to rigorous testing to determine the “measurable controlled release” point. The pin will hold the boat in place and not let go, yet if it becomes stuck, you can power past the “Sweet Spot” to shear the pin and retrieve the anchor.

Boomer Anchor is the best all purpose fishing anchor you will ever use!

For over-night use, always anchor to the conditions. If in doubt about adverse weather, drop down your big heavy over-sized plough anchor. Due to the variance in seabeds and different weights of boats within this range, this is only a guide. We recommend you set and test the holding capabilities of your anchor to assess your personal mooring safety.


Mooring Capability Guide

3M TO 4.5M

4.5M TO 7M

7M TO 9M


Excellent holding


Excellent holding


Excellent holding



Excellent holding


 Good holding


Fair to Good holding

(Fair conditions – 7/10)


Very Good holding


Fair to Good holding

(Fair conditions 7/10)

Fair holding

(Calm conditions – 6/10)

“Measurable Controlled Release”  shear pin recommendations:


Start with the 3mm pin  (shear pressure – approx. 60KGs) (*) After a few test runs you may prefer the 4mm pin or continue with the 3mm pin – your choice.

(*) Tensile strength in similar size bolts can vary


4mm pins (shear pressure – approx. 120KGs) (*) , 5mm can be used for heavy boats.

(*) Tensile strength in similar size bolts can vary

A pack of suitable pins is supplied with your purchase. This should give you months to years of boating enjoyment before you need to re-stock. The zinc/nickel coated bolts are standard sizes you will find in most local hardware stores.  Tensile strength in similar size bolts can vary

We strongly urge you to use the recommended pins. Do not use stainless steel, nails or any hardened material which defeats the purpose of the Boomer. A hard material may not shear and damage the Boomer or your boat.

If you have any concerns about pins, we stock bulk purchases of these items for your convenience.

Boating is an immensely pleasurable activity, however there are risks associated.

Boomer Anchors takes no responsibility for your actions whilst using this device.




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