Albacore Reel


The finest quaility gamefishing reels in the world

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“Infinite antireverse” systemright flange and two-button gear change. The “two speed” model is equipped with five protected stainless steel ball bearings, a tempered stainless steel gear wheel and gears and a drag washer made from the latest carbon composite. These characteristics ensure long hours of fighting while maintaining sound braking characteristics, smooth reeling and eliminating the occurrence of stick-slip.

All the aluminium parts have been carefully polished, ultrasonically cleaned, buffed and provided with anodizing. 

Albacore 30W2S   Ratio: 3,3:1  1,7:1  Max Drag Setting: 27 LBS  Weight: 1650 g  Line Capacity: 750m 30 Lbs Monofilament ø 0,57 mm

Albacore 50W2S   Ratio: 3,3:1  1,7:1  Max Drag Setting: 33 LBS  Weight: 2070 g  Line Capacity: 1000m 50 LBS Monofilament ø 0,68 mm
Albacore 80W2S   Ratio: 3,0:1   1,4:1  Max Drag Setting: 44 LBS  Weight: 3327 g  Line Capacity: 1100m 80 LBS Monofilament ø 0,85 mm
Albacore 1302S   Ratio: 2,2:1   1,1:1  Max Drag Setting: 65 LBS  Weight: 4750 g  Line Capacity: 850m 130 LBS Monofilament ø 1,20 mm


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