30m pink fluro


100% fluorocarbon line made to the highest Japanese standards

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Due to its relative invisibility under water, pink has long been a favourite colour choice in fishing leaders. The makers of Momoi Neo fluorocarbon have now combined this invisibility factor with the advantage of abrasion resistance and water repellent qualities, to produce a winning leader combination. Momoi Fluorocarbon Neo is also made incredibly thin for its breaking strain, which is another decided advantage. But it’s not just a billfish leader; the above features make it the ideal choice when drifting, cubing and live baiting for albacore, yellowfin and southern bluefin tuna as well. Fast Sinking, Zero Water Absorption, Light Refractive Index near to that of Water, UV Block

30m, 10lb, 0.28mm

30m, 15lb, 0.37mm

30m, 30lb, 0.40mm

30m, 25lb, 0.47mm

30m, 30lb, 0.52mm

25m, 40lb, 0.62mm

25m, 50lb, 0.66mm

25m, 60lb, 0.74mm

25m, 80lb, 0.91mm

25m, 100lb, 1.05mm

25m, 130lb, 1.11mm

25m, 150lb, 1.28mm



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