Standard flag $35.00 per flag, minimum order 5 flags = $175


    Bragging Rights - Most Boat Owners, Skippers & Anglers love to show off and brag about their catch.

    ​We love flying flags. After doing lots of research on the flags that are currently available we came to the conclusion that they were mostly pretty boring. So we designed and printed our own. Then other anglers started asking where they could purchase them. To facilitate there requests we are now selling them here. I hope you agree that we have come up with an original, more creative and identifiable product that is a great improvement. Better artwork, better colours, more definition and more species represented by our flags that will create more interest and more appeal to keen captains, boat owners and passionate anglers worldwide. The printing is actually done using a photographic plate (not silk screen) which means higher definition, better colour and less fading. The material is polyester that is machine washable and will last much longer than cotton. All flags are double stitched and hemmed so they will not fray. You will also note that we have also added a logo that incorporates the name of the species and a traditional Samoan tattoo which will help identify that our flags are proudly "Made in Samoa" .

    • Custom Design

      Custom Tackle NZ offers these flags in the standard version, or you can contact us to custom design the flags for you with your Boat Name on.