MagBay OG Wahoo Bomb

MagBay OG Wahoo Bomb


MagBay Lures Wahoo Bombs are the long time secret for all salt water fishing! These bombs are a number one attraction for big a** Wahoo but they are known to also catch Tuna with ease.  The heads are made with durable chrome plated brass and the skirts are built to last! For a tough wahoo hustle these bad boys are sure to win. They are plenty heavy for trolling and not too heavy for heavy casting back.  The jet head creates a little more effort on the part of the angler so he or she might get tired in slightly less casts, but if you have the strength to use these hybrids we guarantee a greater strike rate compared to a traditional bomb that simply makes it easier to “wind fast”.

These Wahoo Lures can be wound plenty fast as well don’t get me wrong, but the true attractor to a wahoo beyond the speed is the stream of turbulence created by a jet.


  • About 5 Inches

  • Torpedo Spinning Head Action  Wahoo Bomb

  • Targets Wahoo, Dorado and Tuna

  • Head spins in water to create turbulance that drive wahoo mad