MagBay Gigante Marlin Lure and Teaser

MagBay Gigante Marlin Lure and Teaser

This is truly a beast of a Marlin Lure weighing in 1 lbs and 4 oz with a stretch of 18 Inches in Length. This massive, yet truly beautiful Marlin lure is great for targeting grander marlin or for a teaser on the short rigger.

This is a large Plunger Style Lure that attracts and catches Large Blue and Black Marlin.  It is an excellent Lure for any spread as it teases beautifully.  The perfectly balanced keel weighted head has incredible action.  

If you are looking for a Lure that not only will offer the opportunity to catch Grander Marlin, but also a Lure you can be truly proud of, you have found the one.  We believe that much of the success of a fisherman comes from the pride in their gear.  

  • Lure Length:  16 Inches

  • Lure Weight:  18oz

  • Head Style:  Slant Plunger