This lure draws inspiration from several classic marlin shapes. Tobin’s pick for Imperium’s first grander marlin in the S5 size. When it pops out of the water, its brief, and it throws a great splash. Upon re-entry it throws a great smoke trail. This lure will spend most of its time just under surface throwing a great smoke trail and popping out quickly every 5-6 seconds. It has enticed bites even when pelagics have lock jaw. Can be run in almost any sea condition.

  • Weight & Sizes

    S5: Hooked bait for marlin. Can be run fast or slow, but optimal speed is 6-10kts. Can be worked on any position on the boat. Hook size 9/0

    Length: 15"

    Weight: 7.5 oz

    Lite: Hooked bait for tuna, wahoo, white marlin, mahi, etc. This small version has caught several pelagic and near shore species. Runs best in the 5-9kt range. Recommended to be ran in the riggers or flat position as a single or any position as the trailing bait on a chain or spreader. Hook size 7/0

    Length: 8"

    Weight: 2 oz.