The Beluga is Imperium’s flagship lure. Available in sizes S3, S5, S7. This design drew inspiration from a desire to update the classic plunger shape. There is a 5-6 second cycle before it pops and dives again. Where it differs from a classic plunger starts at re-entry on the cycle. It enters the water at a much steeper angle than a classic plunger due to the large single jet on top face of the lure. When it dives, there is a phenomenal bubble trail from the single jet. When it pops out, both the face and and jet throw water like a bait fish jumping out. This lure can be fished in a variety of sea conditions from flat to rough waters. One of a kind design with multiple species application.

  • Weight & Sizes

    S3 - Hooked bait. Great lure for marlin, tuna, and bull mahi. Can be run from the flat, rigger, or shotgun. Captains preference. Hook size 8/0

    Length: 10 inches - Weight: 4.5 oz.

    S2 - Hooked bait. The unweighted version that is a great meat lure. Tuna, mahi, wahoo, white marlin, sailfish, etc the list goes on. Can be fished as a single of behind chains, spreaders, or dredges. Hook size 7/0

    Length: 9 inches - Weight: 2 oz.

PriceFrom $84.00
Colours available