The Poseidon squirt is a gem of a small lure the bullet shape head and its size makes it an awesome lure for light tackle and for shy fish comes in great UV colours and is a popular small profile we regularly send good amounts of them to South Australia where they are used for getting a bite on southern bluefin tuna when other lures. and other profiles are not getting bitten there has been some great reports of good mahi-mahi solid southern bluefin tuna yellowfin tuna sailfish and even small black marlin 

the head construction of the small Lure is of a solid internal block and high Reflective material and we normally rig it with a single hook and Leaders Are on the lighter end of the spectrum

Historically small bullet heads have been on the market for decades but the Poseidon lures has had a small one that we’ve used for a long time and we’ve had it put in put into production and it’s holding its own and is popular and works very well and a good seller for us well priced and we have an a great range of colours

Small glows small anchovy patterns small bleeding mackerels and small purples they all do very well worth having a couple on board when things become frustrating and good pelagic’s feeding on small bait profiles this is when you see there worth try couple you won’t be disappointed

We have had many reports of nothing working in all manors 

fish shut down feeding on small sprat and anchovy types. 

Three-way hook ups and happy fisherman. We also do a small Poseidon wrap to accommodate these little profiles 

Head weight 21 g

Materials Hard resin Solid block internal highly reflective material

Total length 6 inches

Lure balance Unweighted 

Additives UV Enhancer 

Recommended leader With leaders for this model it depends on what you’re doing and what you’re targeting if you’re light tackle sportfishing 50lb fluorocarbon  60lb fluorocarbon 80lb fluorocarbon can be ample with a chemical hook or a small stainless if larger tuna and bigger fish are the quarry you can up the leader poundage from 100lb up to 150lb 

Be aware that once you cross the 120lb mark on leader with a small 6 inch bullet it will lose some of its effectiveness but sometimes it won’t make a difference and having leader over 100lb can be comforting if the Tuna on the other end is 30 kg plus just food for thought and rig it accordingly

 Recommended hooks 8/0 SL12 Gamakatsu 

7/0 Stainless 7691Stainless hook can help weight the small profile if the wind is up a little

Recommended positions. Long corner 

Sea conditions Calm to moderate 

Troll speed 5.5 knots to 9knots 


Green Glow 


Purple Silver

Bleeding mackerel pink 

Black purple 

Anchovy glow

Poseidon Squirt cover.jpg
Deck Shot.jpg