Poseidon PLRS Mega Jet 7"

This head is billet head machined like its big brother. This is the smallest lure in this range. The weight is 18 grams and is a lot lighter for a five and a half-inch step down

This performs very differently in application 

It is lighter and smaller and has a high catch rate 

Small to medium to large Wahoo and everything that likes a smoking jet will have a go at this lure.

At this profile It incorporates well at shot gun position with elevated line and long corner.    

Do not waste its attributes and put the jetting lure where it can be seen.

Head weight 18 grams 

Materials Anodized aluminium 

Lure balance UV weighted water pressure balanced

Additives UV enhancer

Materials machined aluminium

Total length 7 inches 

Lure balance – water pressure balanced

Additives UV enhancer  

Recommended leader 100lb to 200lb

Recommended hooks 7/0 Single hook 

7/0 semi stiff rig wire

7/0 Single, twist back and crimped leader 100 lb to 200 lb leader preferred 

Recommended positions Shot gun or

Long corner.   

Lure action jets hard and gets noticed swims exactly like a cup face pusher 

Sea conditions   Calm to rough.   

Troll speeds. 7 knots to 12 knots 


Mahi Mahi Glow 


Bleeding Mackerel Pink 

Purple/ Silver

megajet 7.jpg
PLRS Hollow 7.5.jpg