Poseidon PLRS Mega Jet 12.5"

This is aluminium billet head, machined and bored out in perfect alignment of jet hole vents in the right places. 

The smoke trail is 25 feet long but at 185 grams in head weight 

The 12.5 inch likes a little speed.  9.5 to 14 knots even faster in other parts of the world with speed trolling systems. Even though Blue marlin have been caught on this biggest of the models we find it a great lure for Big Yellowfin tuna and large wahoo and big 

Mahi Mahi 

Even big Spanish Mackerel will go air born but full wire platforms a must if doing this type of trophy hunting anywhere near reef useful wire, a three feet piece. With wire we rig with a shorter piece keeping the lure close to big wahoo or Spanish Mackerel upon the fight 

We do this to stop other ones attacking trailing lure if leader was too long. We learnt this by default hearing reports of monster wahoo attacking near boat. And really big fish being lost in heartbreaking fashion from lures trailing behind hooked fish. Rig it accordingly for what you want to target or let us know and we will rig for you happily 

It is an awesome looking anodised aluminium cup face lure with more than just Marlin in mind Great rough water lure and can handle good speed heading in also 

The large amount of water it jets and the noise it makes it gets noticed and it is sensational for razor gang and liked by many fisherman

It is robust 


Jets heaps of bubbles and water through its sideways vents 

And has a place for those that like lures attributes and think outside the box 

Head weight 185 grams 

Materials Anodized aluminium 

Total length 12.5 inch

Lure balance UV weighted water pressure balanced

Additives UV enhancer 

Recommended leader 300lb to 400lb  

Recommended hooks. 9/0 twin hook shackle rig wire 300lb to 400 lb leader 

9/0 Single semi stiff rig, 300lb to 400lb leader

Razor gang rigging 9/0 twin hook shackle rig, 3 feet of 1.5 mm 49 strand wire. Speed trolling comparable 

Recommended positions Long corner long rigger medium rigger 

Lure action, this the mother of all jet heads

Swims exactly like a cup face pusher it just jets hard making wide smoke trail on the surface and cycling deep and back up to surface. Prey drive is high 

Trolling speeds 9.5 to 14 knots

Sea conditions Calm to rough


Purple / Silver 

Black / Purple 

Bleeding Mackerel Pink 


Mahi Mahi Glow

Mega Jett.jpg
Yellow Fin Tuna PLRS.jpg
megajett 2.jpg