This little model is outstanding. a metal faced pusher with small jet flutes outside of head and through head.

Yellow mullet eyes and chromed exterior make it visible even through a little white water 

The back of head is hollow allowing the crimp of leader to be hidden inside allowing a little extra protection against bite off. 

A top sailfish lure and small black marlin offering also.  Mahi Mahi and a plethora of different species, a very versatile and robust head.  Re skirt easy, And many great reports from northern Western Australia and abroad 

Reports from my good friend Tom clearly going 3-3-3 on Sailfish and Has pegged solid little Black marlin on light line.   Great for late morning till mid arvo.  Chrome works best with good sun.  

Trolling speeds best at 8.5 to 9.5 but can handle 14.5 knots and full wire platforms.   

Head weight -59 grams 

Materials - Chrome Brass 

Total length - 7.5 inch 

Only one colour at 6-inch Anchovy Glow. We designed a Sprat 

Lure balance - weighted 

Additives - UV Enhancer 

Recommended leader - 150 - 200lb leader - 150 piano wire for higher speed trolling 

Recommended hooks - 7/0 7691 semi stiff rig 

9/0 twin SL12 or Chemically sharpen  

Leader twist back for tuna species single hook 

Recommended positions - long rigger - long corner.  - shot gun 

Lure action - swims exactly like a resin head cup face pusher.   Cycles beautifully and sets a solid smoke trail on the surface. Great action for lighter sportfishing outfits. 

Conversion capture rates are high.  

Prey drive is high 

Sea conditions - calm to rough 

Troll speed - 8.5 - 14 knots 


Anchovy glow 6-inch AKA Sprat 

Purple silver 

Black purple 

Mahi Mahi glow 


Bleeding mackerel pink 

Brass Betty Hooked.jpg
Brass Betty Marlin.jpg
Brass Betty 7.jpg
Brass Betty Sailfis Boat.jpg
Brass Betty Black Marlin.jpg