Poseidon HYDRA 9.5"

Poseidon hydra 9.5 inch

The Poseidon Hydra nine is a great Sailfish and Mahi Mahi lure 

It is Half the weight of its big brother the 11 inches 

The lure trolls well and is great for a smallish lure that pushes good water and it’s taken a plethora of different game fish species it’s well priced and great for Sailfish in particular with twin chemical hooks or single stainless hook sets 

For best results lighter leaders and a finesse approach 

Fantastic for 8 kg tackle to 15 kg worth having onboard 

Head weight 70 grams 

Materials Hard Resin abalone shell internal with highly reflective material for jet holes

Total length 9 inches a tad over

Lure Balance weighted

Additives UV Enhancer

Recommended leaders 80 lb to 150lb

Recommended hooks 9/0 SL12s or chemical hooks with lighter end of spectrum if fishing with lighter line classes 

8/0 semi stiff rig if a little speed is used and 15 kg tackle 

8/0 Twist back and crimped leader rig 150lb preferred

Recommended positions long corner long rigger 


Lure action just like it is Big Brother its cycles well and smokes hard on the surface

Sea conditions come to moderate

Trolling speed 8.5 to 12 knots 


Green glow


Purple silver

Black, purple

Bleeding mackerel pink

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