Poseidon HYDRA 11"

The Poseidon Hydra 11 is a forward Tapered cup face pusher with for jet holes in the face making for a nice jet and smoke trail on the surface and a great cycle time.

The model has taken many sport fish species. 

The internal construction Consists of a weighted internal and abalone and sides and highly reflective top and underneath. 

The skirts on these heads are glued keeping lure fast with great action 

Reports domestically and abroad of Sailfish. Black Marlin also big Spanish Mackerel that has ended in tears and some great reports of Blue Marlin 

The lure itself is well priced.  Of clear hard resin and gets the job done and comes in great colours that get bitten.   The head weighs 120 g and it 

digs in and does not skip it is good for long rigger long corner and if you are going to run it on shotgun elevate your line with a vertical rigger and do not leave it out a massive distance in the shotgun position due to the fact it is weighted need to be careful or will go subsurface.

Keep the profile crisp and cycling well and it is noticed in when trolling. 

Chris Witt from Rippin Hoo teasers has caught White Marlin in USA in conjunction with his stainless-steel flashing creations 

And Edgar Montero formally the Skipper from Thumper Bluewater Expeditions reported epic battles on 50lb tackle with Big Blue Marlin. 

Also, a report from Edgar reported pulling the hooks on another gigantic Mahi Mahi at boat.  Dimensions verbally told to me we are staggering 

All in all, not a bad lure worth giving it a run.  A great 50 lb skirted lure 

Head weight   120 g

Materials   Hard resin Abalone shell and reflective material 

Total length 11 inches 

Lure Balance weighted 

Additives UV Enhancer 

Recommended leader 200 to 300lb 

Recommended hooks 7/0 Twin hook shackle rig 

8/0 Single semi stiff rig. wire 

8/0 Single. twist back and crimped leader rig. 200lb and 300 leaders preferred 

Recommended positions long corner long rigger shot gun elevated rigger 

Lure action It is a cup face jet profile that has tight wobble and jets hard and cycles well 

Sea Conditions calm to rough 

Trolling speeds 8.5 to 12.5 


Mahi Mahi glow 


Purple Silver 

Bleeding Mackerel pink 

Black Purple

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