Poseidon PLRS HOLLOW BEAD 4.5"

This is the smallest lure in the PLRS range. 15 grams. 


The hollow face can take a small pea lead allowing angler to manipulate lure if rough and add  more weight needed to keep a tiny offering nice and straight out the back. 

Great for bait gathering small tuna or rigged with piano wire for toothy critters.  

A great shy fish offering that is great for Mahi and surprisingly large tuna. There has been good reports on its effectiveness and consistency 

Head weight - 15 grams with out lead option for angler 

Material - chrome brass 

Lure balance - interchangeable leads depending on conditions 

Additives- UV Enhancer 

Recommended leader - if Trophy hunting Fluro carbon 60lb to 100 lb 

If bait gathering small striped tuna and scad and 100 lb and weight it with even two small sinkers.    

Recommended hooks - 6/0 7691

8/0 or 9/0 SL12 Gamakatsu 

Sea conditions -calm to moderate 

Recommended positions - clear water long corner. Or short for bait gathering 

Lure Action — The heads a machined out chamber with vents.   It smokes very well for a tiny offering. This is exaggerated by design so it’s noticed. 

It’s a tight smoking jet action prey drive is high.  



Purple silver 

Bleeding mackeral pink 

Mahi Mahi glow 

Anchovie glow