POSEIDON cyclops 12.5"

With 4 jet holes in the face and highly reflective material.

Head weight of this lure is approx. 70grams with length of 75mm. Its one of the lighter ones that we like to run in shotgun position.

Even on long distance, this model cycles well and does not stay sub surface, due to the distance.

Its lighter properties allow it to not miss a beat, even at slower speeds. The reflective flash allows for it to be seen easily at a distance.

This model has been immensely popular with the charter fleets and private parties both domestically and abroad.

Big Yellowfin Tuna, Blue Marlin, Black Marlin, and big game species are a common catch with this model with several records coming out of Eastern Australia,

Harry Billing from Moreton Bay Game Fish Club QLD has the 24kg tackle record Yellowfin Tuna of 41.8kg (92lb) on this model (Tropical Toucan colour combo). It also won him runner up Junior and Champion angler – Tuna, in the club tournament, Back to Tanga 12.

This really is a strong lure. Simple and effective. Can sport larger hooks, smaller hooks & singles.

Can also run in any position desired. 200lb to 400lb leaders are also fine with this model, with our favourite being 300lb.

All skirts are heavy UV material.


Head weight -  70 grams 

Total length - 12.5 inch to 13 inch for custom colour request 

Additives - UV Enhancer 

Recommend leader - 200 to 300 lb 

Recommended Hooks - 8/0 twin shackle rig .. tropical waters. 

9/0 single semi stiff.  

9/0. Leader twist back 300 even 400 ok like this.   

Recommended positions - long corner,  Long rigger,  Shot gun, 

Lure action - aggressive shake and jet and shallow cycle while swimming .. makes a lot of noise and is noticed on shot gun especially.  

Sea conditions - calm to moderate. 

Rough Conditions can be used shotgun but alleviate line with vertical rigger for best results 


- Bleeding mackeral pink 

Blue mackeral 

Black purple oil skin yellow lateral line 

Tropical toucan 

Mahi Mahi glow 

Blue and white fire tail 


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