The Poseidon barrel bullet is an awesome profile. 

A Bullet that is tapered and blunt that comes to a point on leader hole on the face.

It can push good water with solid hydrodynamics and has excellent keel weighting.

Head weight 140 odd grams the lure itself is belly proud and digs in. Cycles beautifully on the short rigger and it also works well on an elevated rigger for shotgun position. 

It can really take any position thrown at it. If you give one a shot, you will not be disappointed. It is a remake of an old bullet; we had many years ago.

This time around instead of Holographic crystal we have opted for precision cuts of flawless mirror and the best abalone shell that we could procure. 

We have two different styles with a gold leaf material underlay with white abalone shell and precision cut mirror. Absolutely stunning with the black multi pours. 

Multiple skirt colours can be had on these fantastic bullets. The profile itself is that sweet size and whether you use Mylar or Poseidon skirts, this lure is big fish capable with more than just big tuna in mind. This model is hook locked as is our Borra Slant range, the two exceptions to the rest of the Poseidon range. Different weighting, different profiles, different attributes, they can run with Hook locks and rigs very well without impeding the hydrodynamics.

Head weight  -140g

Materials - Hydride abalone shell, precision cut Mirror, metallic heat pressed lettering Hard resin multi pours, Gold leaf underlay material in certain designs

Total length - 11.5 inches

Lure balance - keel weighted

Recommended leader -  150lb to 400lb *note If wanting to use speed and slightly oversized hook sets you can. With all types of fishing, try and use the lightest leader as possible within reason. If you feel you need to go heavier because that is how you like to do it, you can go right ahead but bear in mind, the heavier leader you go the more you impede your lures. 300lb is spot on for this model and strong enough for most situations.

 Recommended hooks - 9/0 or 10/0 semi stiff rig single hook wire 

Or 9/0 or 10/0 leader twist back and crimped leader rig 300lb leader preferably for this. Able to do swinging hook also effective.  Both ways exceptionally good.

Lure action - Wobbles violently from side to side, goes subsurface and comes back to the surface. Leaves a solid long smoke trail that is very affective and easily seen and on rigger outstanding. 

Prey drive high on this model the flashing pulses that comes off the side of the head penetrate deep into the ocean raising fish and promoting aggressive strikes.

Sea conditions - calm to rough 

Trolls Speed Short rigger 7 knots and faster.  Any other positions 8 knots to

13 .5 knots 



Black multiple pours with white   abalone shell gold leaf material   underlay exposed

Black multiple pours with pink   abalone shell gold leaf material   underlay exposed

Blue multiple pours with abalone shell   gold leaf material underlay exposed

Red multiple pours with abalone shell   gold leaf material underlay exposed

Black multi pour with Mirror gold leaf   material underlay exposed

Blue multi pour with Abalone

Black multi pour with Abalone

Purple multi pour with mirror 

Red multi pour with mirror 

Black multi pour with mirror 

Blue multi pour with mirror

Blue multi pour with glow

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bb red.jpg
Barrel bullet 11.5 purple abalone purple
Barrel bullet 11.5 glow in dark.jpg
Barrel bullet in peach abalone gold unde
Barrel bullet 11.5 glow with profile lin
b bullet 3.jpg
b bullet red.jpg
barrel bullet.jpg
b bullet blue.jpg
Barrell nullett.jpg
barrel bullet lineup.jpg
Barrel Bullet Skirt.jpg
Barrel Bullet Marlin.jpg