The long-headed profile weighs around the 150-gram mark 

Keel weighted and belly proud it has a nice fan effect while trolling.  

It has an aggressive shake and cycle 

We prefer to bind the skirts on this model.

One of our premier lures with gorgeous abalone shell

 and resin multi pours making incredible effects that tie in beautifully with our skirt patterns  

The model is a great big fish puller.  An easy lure for Marlin to eat. Blue marlin over 550 lb on 50 lb tackle have been taken by pro fisherman abroad. 

Marco Fraschetti and I had an 80 wide nearly spooled on a big blue out of Exmouth. The leader flattened and crushed -  the lure gets bit.    

Fantastic reports. 

Belly proud and weighted well. Earns a place a tackle roll for those who are serious. 

Head weight - 150 gram 

Materials - semi soft resin multi pour 

Premium Abalone Shell (highly reflective top and bottom) 

Total length - 14.5 inch can be docked shortened 

Lure balance - keel weighted 

Additives - UV enhancer 

Recommended leader - 300lb-350 lb

Recommended hooks - 9/0 7691s twin shackle rig in the  Tropics for big wahoo hunting 

-10/0 or 9/0 semi stiff rig for Blue marlin

Recommended positions - Long corner, long rigger.   

Lure Action - It is a longer profile with an aggressive head shake and slippery pulse with the supple skirts. 

Great smoke trail with a nice fan effect. light reflection is great 

Sea conditionscalm to rough 

Troll speed - 8.5 to 14 knots 

Our preferred 9 knots 


Blue/ Green (Bluemo over neon skirt)

Blue/ White (Blue Ghost skirt)

Red  (Evil over rainbow skirt)

Red/ Pink (Tropical Toucan rainbow 


Blue (Bluemo over Blue white skirt)

Green/ White (Green Ghost skirt)

Black/ Amber (Mumba skirt)

Blue/ Pink (Bleeding Mackerel skirt)

Black/ Purple (metallic purple skirt)

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