Made by a good friend Kahalau with over 30 years of lure making experience in Hawaii. Poseidon lures is stocking this big-hearted gentleman’s fantastic creations.

Many great captures have come in on these works of art.

His off-cantered reverse scoop is also traditionally known as Kona Scoop AKA THE SPRINKLER as it has been dubbed.

An exceedingly difficult head to make the KONA SCOOP as the resin needs to be cut back and meticulously polished and attention to detail needs to be had.

The most difficult part of building these heads is being able to buff and polish the inside the reverse scoop.

Not a lot of people can do it effectively and with such beautiful, neat work it is very time consuming.

Many lure makers will not make it like this anymore due to other resins that do not need polishing, but it is not the same.

His product is highly collectable and batches of Kona scoops and weighted Hawaiian bullets we will hold stock on and distribute to resellers and to the public. 

The two sizes we have in KONA SCOOP 

 14.5 KONA SCOOP takes a 14.5 skirt 

12.5 KONA SCOOP takes a 12.5  skirt

12.5 WEIGHTED BULLET takes a 12.5 skirt 

12.5 CUP FACE PUSHER takes a 12.5  skirt

The multi pour of mother-of-pearl green and blue, purple’s pinks are just stunning, and you can only achieve this by doing small batches. 


Kahalau has been supplying locals and charters in Hawaii for decades and is extraordinary humble. We are proud

to be marketing his product 

Troll speeds 6.5 to 8 knots. 7 to 7.5 optimal under calmer conditions 

Flat line lures if run short for best action 

Weighting Keel weighting for KONA SCOOP can be easily seen with internal assembly 

Belly proud. The bullet and cup face pusher both weighted also 

Hooks and leaders Primarily larger than usual hooks are used. But 9/0 Twin shackle rig or 10/0 single semi stiff hook sets compatible 


Leader poundages from 300lb to 400lb

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Authentic Hawaiian off centred
Authentic Hawaiian off centred slant.jpg
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Authentic Hawaiian off centred slant 4.j