Custom Tackle NZ is here to help you. Its all in our name – CUSTOM. We offer many services to make your life easier, and to ensure you are fishing with tackle you can trust.

Our team have the expertise and skills to offer:-

  • Fishing reel spooling – we have the latest Triangle Big Game HD140 line winder

    • We are well versed in matching a particular line type to your fishing situation.

    • Our professional equipment saves you time, and prevents kinks, knots and imperfections.

    • The reel is spooled under the correct tension which maximises line capacity and avoids line biting into the spool causing bust offs

    • The length of the line is also counted, so you can have an accurate knowledge how much line has been spooled onto your reel

  • Drag setting

    • We can set the drag on your reels with the use of digital scales. We will set strike drags at 1/3 of the breaking strain of the line (unless you specify otherwise)

  • Wind-on leaders

    • We supply and use trusted Momoi wind-on leaders

  • Custom skirting

    • We have a huge range of skirts on offer, even vinyl and new poly vinyl Arcskirts – and offer a reskirting service. Bring in your favourite lures and have them reskirted.

  • Custom game lure rigging – we use only the very best rigging tools and materials available when preparing our custom rigs. Heavy duty sleeves, chafing protector, thimbles and spacers are used where needed. All rigging is done to comply with IGFA rules. Choose the type of hooks you want (Pa’a, 7691). Choose your own leader (all sizes and types available)

    • Single hook rigs

    • Twin hook rigs

    • Shark rigs

  • Custom boat set up

    • We can help you customise the fit-out of your boat to maximise your game fishing performance

  • Custom lure making - add your boat name, create your own colour design, create something special
  • Custom rod and reel - add boat name / logo/ choose colours - make it yours!
  • ​Custom catch flags - personalise with your boat name

  • Reel Servicing


Call or email us to discuss your requirements or make an appointment to come and see us.

We look forward to helping you.

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