MagBay Currican Vallarta


The ultimate light to medium tackle lure. This lure works extremely well for Wahoo, Tuna, Marlin, Sailfish, Dorado and other pelagic species. The size is such that nearly any pelagic fish will take it

This cup face short head lure is one of the greatest lures in our arsenal for an all around top water trolling plug.  We have landed marlin, tuna, skipjack, mahi, yellowtail, sailfish and more.  This lure is absolutely stunning, and has a lot of thought placed into it.  It is certainly one of our favorite lures of all time.  Give it a try and we are sure you will be confident with the results whether you are searching for school size yellow fin tuna or grander size blue marlin.  This lure gets hit by them all.

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